Resources for Running A Pottery Business

running a pottery business

A lot of potters decide to sell their work at some point. Many are really good at making pots but turning that into a successful pottery business is hard work. The following resources will help you consider many aspects of running a pottery business.



Pottery Branding: A Crash Course

Pottery Branding: A Crash Course

An introductory course to help you start building a brand for your pottery or ceramics.


Podcast episodes that are mostly about running a pottery business.


Free: Branding Cheat Sheet

10 principles to guide your pottery brand.

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Pottery Business Email List

Share Your Own Business Resources

Have you created a great article, video, course or resource that could help other potters run a business? It could help with marketing, selling, finances or anything related to the business side of pottery. There are plenty of reasons to share it at Expert Clay including helping others, building an audience, and supporting the clay community. There are even opportunities to earn extra income. If you are interested, learn how you can become a creator.

Other Pottery Resources

Did you know there are other parts to being a potter than selling pots? Find resources about making pottery or view a great guide for beginners to learn how to make pottery. You can also about living a fulfilling studio life too!

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