A Giant List of 75 Pottery Ideas for Digital Content

After seeing all these pottery ideas you may realize that you are the perfect person to create content for Expert Clay. Or maybe you just need some ideas to fill in your own blog, website, or social media accounts. Here is a whole list of ideas for digital content that any potter or ceramic artist could create.

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Format Ideas

The first half of the list is about the format that can be used for your video, audio, and text. See the second half of the list for more specific subject matter. Combine a format and a specific subject matter to create a great idea for your next video, blog, podcast, course, or article.

Pottery Ideas for Articles and Videos

  • Create a giant list of things (resources, tips, inspiration, etc.)
  • Showcase your finished work and why it is unique
  • Why you do things a certain way
  • Where you find motivation or inspiration
  • Your own unique way to do something
  • Introduce a certain technique, skill, or method
  • Quick tips or hacks
  • Introduction to something
  • Beginner level explanation of the basics
  • In depth explanation
  • Results of an experiment, research, or study
  • Collection of thoughts from other potters on a subject
  • A collection of inspirational work
  • Equipment or tool reviews
  • Book or video reviews
  • Summarize what you learned from a great resource
  • Respond to an article or video
  • Critique your own or someone else’s pots
  • Share a favorite pot and tell why it’s your favorite
  • Share pottery news, or upcoming events
  • Show how popular news, studies, culture relates to being a potter
  • Create a challenge or contest
  • Make a pottery related meme
  • Compare and contrast two pots, resources, or techniques
  • A checklist
  • Journal / record of growth
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Your goals and progress
  • Survey or quiz
  • Myths vs. facts

Pottery Course Ideas

  • Slide presentation with voiceover
  • Video lecture
  • Audio course
  • Text and image based course
  • Video demonstrations

Pottery Podcast Ideas

  • Interview other potters
  • Discussions between more than one person about certain topics
  • Limited series explaining a specific subject
  • Share your own thoughts on what you are experiencing
  • Tell your favorite pottery stories or experiences

Pottery Ideas for Video Workshops

  • How to create a certain style
  • Entire process to create a certain pot
  • Multiple potters sharing how they do something
  • Live stream of your process
  • Show other people going through the learning process

Subject Matter Ideas

This section is about specific pottery subject matter. Larger or more complex subjects could be turned into courses, books, long articles or entire podcast series. Smaller or more specific subjects would be better for short articles, videos, or single podcast episodes. Remember, this is just a fraction of the subject matter about pottery!

Surely, you have some of your own pottery ideas that you could turn into digital content. If you would like to share them at Expert Clay, read about being a creator and how to submit your ideas. Of if you have a good idea you think should be added to the list, leave a comment below. What has worked well for you while creating digital content?

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