Why Create Content at Expert Clay?

You may be asking yourself why you should write an article, create a course, or record a podcast here at expertclay.com. Below you will find some unique features. But first,


  • Everyone is different
  • Everyone is an Expert
  • Everyone can be creative
  • Everyone can learn and grow
  • Everyone benefits when we work together

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Benefits of Creating Content

If you are reading this page you are probably already creating things with clay. So why should you also create digital content, especially for a site like Expert Clay?

Share Your Knowledge

Teaching something motivates you to learn something completely and it feels good to share what you know.

Strengthen the Community

Creating content that shares your knowledge will help others which is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. It will also make the ceramics community stronger as a whole which means more success for everyone.

Grow Your Audience

Sharing what you know and how you do things lets others know that you are somebody worth following. A larger audience helps you have a bigger impact and makes it easier to find success.

Additional Income

If you have specialized or in-depth knowledge, helpful tips, or even a unique perspective or style people will pay for the opportunity to learn from you. If you can capture these things in a digital format, selling to a wide audience becomes much easier and can create an additional stream of income.

Benefits of Creating at Expert Clay

There are plenty of websites and platforms that you can use to get your writing, videos, courses, and podcasts out into the world. Anything from starting your own blog from scratch to paying for a cutting edge online teaching platform. But here are a few unique features and opportunities at Expert Clay:

No Initial Cost

There is often some kind of cost to creating and marketing digital content such as website hosting, purchasing advertising, or paying for podcasting and course creation platforms. Expert Clay already has ad free website and podcast hosting, a learning management system, and established social channels that you can use for free. You only pay a small fee if you sell something.

Complete* Freedom

Expert Clay is free from many restrictions of other platforms. You can display content how you want with very flexible website software. You are free from forced advertising of many free or low cost platforms. You are free to form your own partnerships with advertisers and companies. You can even promote a product that you are selling somewhere outside of Expert Clay.

You don’t have to make any commitments. You don’t even have to use all the tools available at Expert Clay. Maybe you just need a place to host a podcast. Maybe you just want to post a video on the Expert Clay YouTube channel for a little extra exposure. No problem!

*Okay, maybe not complete freedom. No hate, violence, general inappropriateness, promoting shady or scammy stuff, etc.

We Love Independent Creators

This site was started by an independent potter who loves to create. So of course we love independent creators and want to see you succeed. Even if you quickly outgrow Expert Clay and move to your own platform we will do as much as we can to help you do amazing things.

Community Benefits Everyone

The more people that create for Expert Clay, the more reach we will have as a community. People that are interested in your content may come here and find another creator’s content. But there will also be people that come for other content and find your content so we all benefit from each other.


One of the best opportunities available at Expert Clay is the chance to collaborate with other people. Combine multiple perspectives into a course, article or podcast and then work together to promote it.

Multiple Media Channels

One of the biggest advantages that Expert Clay has over many other platforms is multiple media types. Some places let you create courses. Other places will let you create a podcast. You can start a blog to write articles. But at Expert Clay you can write articles to promote your podcast. And start a podcast to promote your own course. And create a free course to get people interested in your book. Or any combination that you choose.

Support to Help You Grow

Nobody is an expert at everything. So if you need to figure out how to create a course, edit a video, record clean audio, design a graphic, or a number of other things, there is help available.

Future Opportunities

The most exciting part is that this is just the beginning. We have a foundation of tools and opportunities to work with. As new tools and opportunities become available we can grow with them.

What Will You Create?

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