How to Become a Creator at Expert Clay

become a creator

Are you interested in creating content at Expert Clay? There are many options: articles, courses, podcasts, graphics, videos, ebooks, and more. (Here is a list of ideas.) Follow these steps and you will be creating content, building an audience, maybe even creating extra income in no time.

1. Find Out What Expert Clay is All About

Read the About page to make sure you are a good fit at Expert Clay.

Not sure if you should do it? Read about the benefits of creating content at Expert Clay.

2. Agree to the Terms and Conditions

View the official terms and conditions for using the site.

View the terms and conditions for creators.

3. Submit Your Ideas for Content

Fill out this Form to submit your idea. This step lets us know you are serious about participating and have put some thought into your content.

If you have questions, fill out the contact form here or email:

If you would simply like Expert Clay to repost some of your social media posts, message us on the respective social accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.

4. Create an Account

If you haven’t created an account already you can create a basic account here.

If you plan to create courses at Expert Clay you can apply for an instructor account here. Your instructor account will only be approved if you have filled out the form to submit your course idea.

After you create an account your information will be verified and your account will be elevated to the proper level that will allow you to create the specific content that you plan to create.

5. Learn How to Use the Tools

Expert Clay is built with WordPress and a variety of plugins. If you have never used WordPress before it may take a little getting used to.

For an example, here is a video about using the Gutenberg editor in WordPress:

As we grow, more specific instructions will be made available for the specific tools.

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