Terms and Conditions for Content Creators and Instructors

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  • “Creator” is any person that creates content for expertclay.com and it’s related social media accounts.
  • “Content” includes but is not limited to articles, pages, blog posts, graphics, photos, videos, courses, workshops, live streams, podcasts, digital files, and ebooks.
  • “Expert Clay” includes the website and the people who operate it.

Expectations and Requirements

By uploading, submitting for approval, or publishing any content to expertclay.com you agree to the following:

The content is yours and you own the copyright or are allowed to share all parts of it.

The content is of good quality. For example, written content should be well explained and free from spelling and grammar mistakes; videos should be HD, in focus, and well lit; audio should be clear and at adequate volume levels. You don’t need to be a Hollywood producer or New York Times journalist but it should be your best effort.

Content should be created with the learner in mind. Clear lessons to be learned or objectives to be met. Well explained and engaging.

You allow Expert Clay to format, edit, publish, and promote the content as deemed appropriate by Expert Clay.

No part of the content is inappropriate. No hate, violence, explicit or vulgar content as decided by Expert Clay.

10% of the total sale price for any non-free content sold will be kept by Expert Clay to cover transaction fees, site maintenance and to improve marketing and promotion.

Any affiliate links, advertisements, or promotion of third party companies, organizations, or content must be approved by Expert Clay.

Any links or promotion included in content must be related to the creator, or the work or business of the creator, or resources related to the content itself. For example, no affiliate links to vitamins in an article about glazing, no gambling advertisements on a podcast about pottery. Expert Clay will make all final decisions regarding these matters.

Creator Rights

Creators retain full copyright and ownership of their content.

Content is encouraged but not required to be exclusive to Expert Clay. Creators may publish or sell the same content on their own websites or platforms as they wish.

Creators may edit or remove their content as they wish with one exception: Content will be available for the entire time promised to anyone that has purchased the content. For example, if a course is promoted as lifetime access, the creator may stop selling the course to new buyers but must make the course available to anyone who has already purchased it.

Creators selling content will receive payment for sales near the beginning of every month if the total payment amount has reached $100. Payments will be made through PayPal, a mailed check, or other method agreed upon by both parties. Expert Clay is not responsible for transaction fees.

These terms and conditions may change at any time without notification.

Updated 8/12/2021

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