Learn and Grow: 3 Parts of a Complete Potter

Expert Clay is operated by creatives just like you. Yes, real people, making real pots and running real businesses. Sharing real solutions to problems that we have faced ourselves as we learn and grow. And we know that making pots is only one small part of who we are. So that is why the content at Expert Clay is broken into 3 major categories: Making Pottery, Pottery Business, and Creative Life.

learn and grow in the areas of making pottery, running a pottery business, and creative life

The image shows three major parts of being a potter or ceramic artist and some of the elements that make up each part. You can also consider how some elements fit into two or even all three of the major parts.

As each individual is different, there are surely other parts that are not included in this image. And the relative size or importance of each part is different for each person. The goal of Expert Clay is to offer a variety of content to help you learn and grow in each part. What would your personal chart look like? Would there be additional parts? Would one category be much larger or smaller than the others?

Making Pottery

The Making Pottery category includes all content about working with clay. Pottery techniques, tips, tutorials, anything from choosing and preparing clay to firing and finishing pots. This is the most common type of content on just about any pottery site.

You can join the Making Pots email list to get information and opportunities about making pottery. As a bonus, you will get a link to download the pottery wheel clay weight chart for free.

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Pottery Business

The Pottery Business category includes branding, marketing, selling, finances, and any other part of running a pottery business. Many potters do not have formal education or experience in business so the experience of potters that have already set up successful businesses is valuable.

You can sign up for the Pottery Business email list to get information and resources about running a pottery related business. You will even get a free cheat sheet to help you build a brand for your pottery or ceramics.

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Creative Life

The Creative Life category is a little harder to define. Perhaps it is everything that doesn’t fit into the other two categories. Think of it as the ways to improve the lifestyle of a potter or ceramic artist. You need to take care of yourself in a way that helps you learn and grow as well as find happiness and fulfillment.

Sign up for the Creative Life email list to get content and opportunities about growth and inspiration. You’ll get access to the Studio Efficiency Checklist.

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Share Your Knowledge and Experience

Hopefully seeing the three parts and some of the elements of being a potter, you have an idea about something you have learned. You are an expert at something! Do you have an experience to share or a great idea that could help someone? You don’t have to be the world’s best at anything. You already know something that some people would love to learn.

Read about how you can share and teach at Expert Clay.

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