Simple Pottery Stamps for Amazing Pots with Michael Kline

Michael Kline uses handmade pottery stamps

In the video above, Michael Kline shows how to use unique stamps to create amazing patterns on his pottery.

Making Unique Pottery Stamps

Stamps are great clay tools for adding interest to handmade pottery. In the video, Michael shows a few that he has made out of clay. Some are bisque fired and some are high fired. He says the bisque fired stamps chip easier. You can high fire stamps to make them more durable.

Finding Stamps to Enhance Pottery

You can also find objects that can be used for stamping pottery. It looks like Michael has attached something like a bottle cap to a stick to create a rolling stamp that can be used to create pattern lines. He also has a wooden roller which he uses to create a repeating pattern around the inside of his bowl. Look around and you may be able to find all kinds of unique objects to stamp pottery!

Michael Kline

Michael Kline is a potter from North Carolina. He is well known for his wheel thrown, functional ceramics which are often decorated with stamps, brush strokes and botanical themes. He has participated in many workshops, demonstrations and events, including the 2017 Michiana Pottery Tour from the video above.

He is also well known for his online presence, including his instagram account and many years that he put into his Sawdust and Dirt pottery blog.

michael kline

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