Announcing: The MudTalk Podcast

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New Pottery Podcast Officially Released

I am proud (and slightly terrified) to announce that the MudTalk Podcast has officially been released.

You can find the first 2 episodes here.

You can subscribe in iTunes here.

You can submit a comment to be on a future episode here.

You will be able to subscribe on Stitcher and Google Play in the future.

About the MudTalk Podcast

I guess I can say that I’m a podcaster now?

As you will hear, if you listen to the first episode, there are a few reasons that I started this podcast. Starting out, I wanted to try something new that would push me to grow as a person. I also wanted to use it as a way to spread the word about Expert Clay. But the whole idea behind this podcast is to give a voice to other potters and ceramic artists. I want it to be a platform for others to share their opinions and engage in discussion.

So you are encouraged to listen and respond. Share your thoughts here. You can also check the social media accounts for Pottery Making Info to see topics that have already been put out. (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

We hope to hear from you!

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