Expert Clay will offer online courses, video workshops, articles, ebooks, podcasts and plenty of other digital resources.

You may be thinking to yourself, "I know ____________ really well and I think I could help other people learn about it. But I don't know how to get it online!"

That is where I hope Expert Clay can be useful. I want to personally help get your ideas turned into a resource and help you get it online so it is available to others.

To find out more, just complete two steps: Fill out the email form to join the Teach and Contribute mailing list, then fill out the Proposal Form to share your idea.

1. Join the Email List

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Not so sure? That's okay, no rush. Here are some questions you may have.

Why Should I Participate?

Here are a few reasons to sign up:

  • Share Your Knowledge

    It always feels good to share what you know, especially if it helps someone else.

  • Low Risk, Low Investment

    The hosting, site maintenance and email list are already paid for and ready to go. You just have to get your materials organized and send them. This allows you to start small without making a large commitment.

  • Passive Income

    If you choose to charge money for your resource, the whole process can be automated. You won't have to worry about setting up e-commerce, re-stocking, troubleshooting or keeping track of inventory.

  • Build a Community

    Be a part of something big. You will have opportunities to connect with, learn from, teach and encourage other potters and ceramic artists.

  • Reach A Wider Audience

    No matter how many places you travel and how many workshops you offer, there are people out there that would like to learn from you but can't do it in person. Technology can make it happen.

  • Marketing and Promotion

    An audience is already being built. The promotion can be done for you if you would rather focus on making pots or more digital materials.

  • Creative Freedom

    You get to choose what you teach and how it is presented.

  • Additional Benefits

    I hope to make this as beneficial as possible for everyone involved. We can work together to make everyone successful.

What Can I Teach or Share?

Even if you aren't the most experienced potter or have the largest following, there are people out there that can learn from you. Here are a few ideas:

  • A Special Technique

    Have you developed your own technique that you would be willing to share? Can you help others master something difficult?

  • Your Personal Style

    People want to learn from others that have a style they love. There are plenty of people that would love to see a demonstration about how and why you make your work!

  • Specific Information

    Have you studied and experimented? Others would love to see your results!

  • Experience or Tips

    Let others learn from your years of experience and the tips that you've picked up through the years. Everyone loves a tip or a shortcut!

  • Tutorials and Instruction

    Can you explain things well? Potters at all skill levels are looking for good lessons, even about simple things.

  • Other skills

    Do you have experience in another field that helps you as a potter or ceramic artist? Maybe you could teach someone how to build an online presence, photograph pots, run a business or design something on the computer. The possibilities are nearly endless!

What Format Can I Use?

There are many different ways to teach and learn. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • On Demand Courses

    Recorded video and downloadable worksheets broken into modules and lessons.

  • Video Workshops

    Recorded videos of demonstrations, lectures or interviews.

  • Live or Interactive Workshops or Courses

    Videos or webinars with a live audience allowing interaction between instructors and students.

  • Podcasts

    Audio files, usually spoken word, covering any topic at any length.

  • Articles or Essays

    Web pages or pdf files covering specific topics.

  • Ebooks

    Longer, more in-depth text.

How Does It Work?

So you probably have questions. Here are some answers:

  • Too Good To Be True?

    So what's the catch? Any time you sell something, a percentage of the sale will be kept to cover the cost of hosting, advertising, the email list and everything else. Think of it like a gallery keeping a percentage if they sell one of your pots.

  • Do I Have To Charge People Money?

    Nope. You control how much your resource costs. Charge as much as you like. Or give it away for free.

  • Why Shouldn't I Just Put My Stuff on YouTube, Social Media, etc?

    That is awesome too. But this site will attract a very specific audience. Visitors won't have to sort through all the other random stuff on those other sites. And your content can be presented the way you like it.

  • How Do I Get Paid?

    Earnings will be accumulated for each sale of your resource. Money will be sent to your paypal account or something similar.

  • How is This Different From Other Sites?

    There are plenty of other sites that offer online courses. This site will be specifically for potters and ceramic artists. It will also allow anyone to contribute. No matter your skill level or experience, if you have something great to share, we would love to have you as part of the team.

  • Are There Any Special Requirements?

    There will be minimum quality standards. Any topic, length or skill level is welcome.

 A little about me:

brandon schwartz - pottery, photography, design, teachingI have been a teacher for over 10 years and, along with pottery, I enjoy working with websites, social media, design, and photography. I have learned a lot while creating and running Pottery Making Info and I'm ready for something new with more possibilities.

When I started Pottery Making Info I wanted to create something to connect, encourage and promote all the great people that work with clay. Now it has grown into a community of thousands of followers and subscribers that love to share and learn about making pottery.

And I think we can do even more.

Especially with YOUR help!