How I Made 2019 My Best Pottery Year

Do you like to look back on the current year as it comes to the end and see how you did? I do. As I look back on 2019, I feel like I can truly say that it was my best pottery year ever. You may be wondering, was I on the cover of Ceramics Monthly? Did I sell 6 figures worth of pots? Did I win a bunch of juried competitions and do multiple solo shows at high end galleries?

Well, no.

In fact, I didn’t even hit all the goals I set at the beginning of the year during the Best Pottery Year course:

  • Finish the new pottery studio and move in by April 1st: ? Not even close.
  • Create 200 new pots for the Tour by Aug. 31: ? Approximately 117/200. Better than none.
  • Work in the studio for at least an hour 4 days per week: pretty solid.
  • Host a great stop on the Michiana Pottery Tour with 150 visitors: 271/150 ? Hooray!
  • 12 total Instagram posts per week: ? Yikes. Miserable failure.
  • 75 total online sales: 23/75… so far.
  • 20 books: 18/20?
  • 20 new episodes of the MudTalk Podcast: ? 2/20?
  • Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day: ? More good than bad. (French fries are a vegetable, right?!)
  • Run a 5K in under 22:30: 22:19 ?

I learned a lot throughout the year. I can definitely improve some things. I also experienced some miserable failures.

So why am I looking back with a big grin on my face and telling everyone that 2019 was my best pottery year?

I achieved the most important goals.

I knew from the beginning that I wouldn’t meet every goal. I had to figure out what I really wanted and then decide which goals would do the most to get me there. I concentrated on my most important goals first and planned everything else around them. Going through the Best Pottery Year Course gave me the framework for a successful year.

What is that framework you ask? Basically, there are three steps:

  1. Get specific about what you want.
  2. Set up a plan to achieve it.
  3. Stick to the plan.

That’s it. It sounds so simple. But is it really that simple? Well, on paper, yes. But to actually make it happen, not so much.

But… what if there was a template to guide you through each part of the process? And what if you could get detailed instructions to walk you through the process? What could you achieve in the next year?

More like, what couldn’t you achieve?!

Well, if you are interested in the system I use you can find it in the Best Pottery Year Course.

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