What is holding you back?

Do you feel like you could have been more successful last year?

That's how I felt for years. I used to take things as they came to me, I always felt like there were too many things to do, and I used to feel bad about myself because I didn't think I was working hard enough.

I wasn't growing as a potter even though that's what I really wanted to do with my life.

Finding Success

A few years ago I decided something had to change. I started reading and trying some new things. Over the next few years I had established a system for my own success as a potter. This system has three major steps:

  • Define what you really want
  • Create a detailed plan
  • Keep yourself on track to achieve success

Pottery Goals: A Complete Guide

I have finally refined and typed out the whole process and can now offer it as a downloadable ebook.

  • Complete Process

    Detailed steps to discover, set, and reach your pottery goals.

  • Printable Templates and Worksheets

    Easy to follow guidance through each step.

  • Define what you really want

  • Create a detailed plan

  • Stay on track to achieve success

Pottery Goals: A Complete Guide

Pottery Goals: A Complete Guide

What If I Need More?

Ebooks are great, and the worksheets and templates will really help. But what if I need more than that?

Some people will be able to follow the process and find great success all on their own. But if you're like me, an ebook and worksheets may not get you to where you want to go no matter how easy they are to follow.

I need more. I need a video course to help me stay engaged. I need a private community where I feel safe to ask questions. I need someone else to check up on me and encourage me on a regular basis.

If you're like me, you need the Clay Success Club.

2020 Clay Success Club

The Clay Success Club

Join a small community of potters and ceramic artists who are dedicated to success in 2020.

  • Private Social Community

    A brand new social community for only the member of the Clay Success Club.

  • Ebook Included

    The Pottery Goals workbook includes all the templates and worksheets to guide you through the process.

  • Complete Video Course

    The course, Your Best Pottery Year, will present the whole process with additional details and examples.

  • Monthly Interaction

    Live videos, interactive events, email encouragement and relevant discussion every month.

  • Very Affordable

    Small investment to motivate you to follow through. Well worth the price when you follow through and reach your success!

Just the Workbook

Pottery Goals: The Complete Guide

Over 40 pages

Discover, set, and achieve your most important goals

Printable worksheets and templates